Slot – The Slot Receiver Is Smart and Versatile


Slot is the name of the position on a football team where the receiver lines up between and slightly behind the wide receivers. The slot position has become increasingly important as offenses use more three-wide receiver formations. However, there are more responsibilities to the position than just lining up in a certain part of the field. The best slot players are smart and versatile and have good chemistry with the quarterback.

The slot receiver is usually smaller and slower than outside wide receivers, but they must still be extremely fast. They also need to have great route running skills and precise timing. It takes time to develop chemistry with the quarterback, but when the two are on the same page, big plays happen. Slot receivers also need to be excellent blockers. Without the benefit of a fullback or extra tight end, they must be able to protect against linebackers and secondary players.

In addition to running routes, slot receivers will also be asked to act as a running back from time to time. These running plays can include sweeps, slants, or even some end-arounds. In this role, they must be quick to read the play and be able to get open in the middle of the defense. They also need to be tough enough to take big hits from defenders and strong enough to blow past them.

Despite the increasing popularity of the position, the slot receiver was not always an integral part of the game. In the past, the position was mostly a blocking specialist or a backup wide receiver. Over the years, though, a few players have come to define the position, such as Wayne Chrebet, Wes Welker, and Charlie Joiner. These players all had over 8,000 receiving yards and 40 touchdowns in their careers.

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