The Best Sportsbooks to Bet on the NFL


If you’re new to sports betting, you should consider a moneyline bet. This is a simple bet in which you choose the winner and the odds for the game are presented on both sides. Favorites are often listed with negative numbers, while underdogs will have positive numbers. You can also place parlays, which combine two or more outcomes onto a single slip. To win a parlay, you must be correct on all of your selections. The odds for parlays are generally longer than other types of bets.


DraftKings is one of the top-rated sportsbooks in the United States. In addition to offering a great selection of betting options, the sportsbook also recently partnered with leading sports analytics provider Sportradar. In addition, all customers in the US can watch live streaming games. Customers in Iowa cannot access this service, however.

The sportsbook offers a wide selection of markets, including major league sports. It also offers bets on minor league sports and college sports. It is licensed in the state of New Jersey and offers easy payment options.


Whether you’re a casual bettor looking to make the most of sports betting or a seasoned pro, the FanDuel sportsbook can help you make the most of your online sports betting experience. Its intuitive platform makes it easy to place bets and keep track of your progress. The user interface is clutter-free and clear, with plenty of room for information. The interface also allows you to see what bets are still in progress, including a way to view which leg of a multi-leg bet is winning and which leg is losing.

FanDuel’s sportsbook offers several ways to fund your account, including ACH transfers and credit cards. The company also accepts cash deposits at its physical locations. The minimum deposit is $10, and deposits can be made with a credit card, debit card, PayPal, online bank transfers, and cash at the sportsbook’s retail location. You can also call customer service or chat live if you’re having a problem.


When you’re looking for a sportsbook with an excellent customer support team, you can turn to PointsBet. They offer a 24/7 live chat service and an email inbox. The staff is very friendly and helpful, and they will take care of your problem quickly. In addition, their support staff will answer all of your questions, including banking.

PointsBet offers competitive odds across multiple sports. In particular, the football spreads are solid, especially in the NFL. The book also offers solid moneyline college football bets. The sportsbook also accepts credit cards, debit cards, and ACH payments.


The WynnBET sportsbook offers competitive odds across sports betting markets. As sportsbook odds are constantly changing, bettors must always shop around to get the best price. In terms of betting on NFL games, WynnBET offers consistently low point spreads and over/unders.

WynnBET sportsbook also offers several unique features. First of all, it tracks end-users’ geographical locations. It does this through advanced technology created by GeoComply, a Vancouver-based company that partners with hundreds of gaming companies. This technology is important for proper use of WynnBET’s sportsbook app.